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Traveling in Tusheti, Georgia

I spent a lot of time thinking about Tusheti last year.  I started off planning my trip to Georgia by my most tried and true method: looking at tons and tons of photos and deciding to go to the most beautiful places I see.  As soon as I stumbled on this flickr photo set by Liam Levitz, I immediately fell under the spell of this place called Omalo, a remote village in the mountainous region of Tusheti, Georgia.  Planning how to actually get there became a slight obsession, one that could never be assuaged.  When you are traveling by hiking boot and backpack, there really is no planning on how to get to Tusheti.  You just have to trust that it will all work out.  Trust that you’ll get in the right marshrutka and show up at the right intersection in the right village.  Trust that you pick the right SUV with the right driver who hasn’t started drinking vodka yet.  Trust that you won’t slide off the only road that leads there which is also impassable for seven months of the year.  Trust that you have enough homemade wine for the trek.  And we did.  We miraculously did all that right, and when we finally got there, it looked like this:

Omalo Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel
Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel-3

Tusheti Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel

omalo tusheti georgia travel photography

Dartlo Tusheti Georgia Caucasus Mountains TravelTusheti Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel
Tusheti Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel

Parsma Tusheti Georgia Travel
Shenako Tusheti Georgia Caucasus Mountains Travel

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