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Snow Falling Away

It was quiet on the third floor.  And a little chilly.  The hall thermometer dipped below 55, which signaled that I could turn the heat on guilt-free.  Under 60 is really the rule, but I try to push it if I can.  One quick slide of a switch spit a mouthful of blue flames into the fireplace as I swallowed some more tea.  Just me and the Rizzo cat and Claude Debussy, sitting by the fire and watching the snow fall on a Friday afternoon.  We don’t really get much snow in Philly, and it usually disappears in a day or two.  So when I watch it fall, I don’t worry about tracking salty mudpuddles through the house later or skating down icy sidewalks instead of running for the trolley in the morning.  When I watch it fall, I just sit quietly and watch…each moment, every thought falling away on a snowflake.


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