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Tiffany’s Golden Glamour Portraits

She sat a few rows over in our AP English Composition class junior year of high school.  And every now and then she would come in rocking super bright sparkly eyeshadows!  Seriously, these are the things that I remember about people!  As an early 90s kid with my own penchant for wearing lots of colors (in one outfit), I instantly liked Tiffany and her bright teal eyelids.  Tiffany was away teaching English in South Korea for a few years after college, but the Internet brought us together and now that she’s back on this half of the planet, photoshooots have brought us together, too!  The first shoot we did together was more geared towards getting headshots, so this time I wanted to see her dress up and be fabulous.  Cause let’s face it, playing dress up has always been my favorite.  After weeks of unseasonably delicious weather, the day we got together to shoot was FRIGID and WINDY.  We even had a few snowflakes…but you’d never guess by looking at her photos!  Well, I guess the wind part is pretty evident.  But Tiffany was hardcore and rocked this shoot with goosebumps like a top model!  And the wind gave us amazing movement in her hair.  So we were able to make some incredible portraits of her (and her hunny, Rob) once again, and we had a great time hanging out in the flesh.  Tiffany had lots of outfit ideas and looked seriously amazing, especially in the black leather getup.  As soon as she put that look on, she instantly transformed into a sexy, confident biker chick with attitude!  And yes, YES, she even wore sparkly eyeshadow, too!

NJ Portrait Tiffany

nj couple portrait Tiffany and Rob

nj portrait bw tiffany rob x900

nj couple portrait Tiffany and Rob black and white

  black and white portrait collage

Tiffany NJ Portrait lipstick

 NJ Portrait Tiffany in Leather

NJ Pet Portrait Tiffany Rob Stitch

 NJ Pet Portrait Rob Stitch

 NJ Portrait Tiffany in Leather

 NJ Portrait Tiffany in Leather

NJ Pet Portrait Tiffany Rob Stitch

When Tiffany told me she wanted to paint herself gold like in the Bond flick Goldfinger, I kind of thought she was kidding…but nope!  This girl is for real!  I love it!

Tiffany and Rob in Goldfinger Movie Poster Photo

This next sequence is how we warmed up for the session, literally and figuratively.  Any resemblance to a certain K-pop music video is purely coincidental*.

gangnam style portrait



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