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Fashion Friday – Children’s Fancywear

Floral prints, puffy shoulders, lace-edged bibs, and satin ribbons tied around the waist.  That would describe pretty much all the fancywear in my closet in 1992.  I look at little kids these days wearing skinny jeans with a studded belt, miniature Chucks, and a faux fur bolero on top, and I’m a little jealous!  Not that I didn’t LOVE getting fancied up in my adorkable little dresses as a kid… But back then we really didn’t have the same options of dressing like tiny replicas of fashion-forward adults.  It was a bib you couldn’t spill on or nothing!  I know all you 80s babies are feelin’ me right now!  But imagine our collective mortification if our parents put our little brothers in dresses or us girls in a toddler sized corset.  A corset!

I recently visited the Perelman Building, an annex to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where they always have interesting costume and textile exhibitions.  Right now they are showing a collection of childrenswear  from the late 18th to mid-20th centuries that give a fascinating peek into fashions from the past.

fashion friday fancy childrens clothes perelman buildin

fashion friday baby shoes perelman building

And for a little peek into fashions from MY past….

8th birthday dress

Happy (throwback) Fashion Friday!

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