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Fall Wissahickon Philly Engagement

Wissahickon Park Engagement Portraits

Disclosure: these two are very, very dear friends of mine.  They are supremely talented, endlessly gracious, and theyView full post »

philadelphia tattooed beauty portrait photo

Mimi’s Gothic Lolita Beauty Shoot

Step into her rowhouse and you’d think you walked into an art gallery.  Mimi’s walls wear a vast collectionView full post »

philadelphia portrait photographer kitchen

In Katie’s Kitchen

This story starts with a crepe date, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is a great way to start a story.  Or aView full post »

philadelphia portrait dancer diptych

Dancing Lauren Portraits

The first time I saw Lauren dance was entirely by happy-accident.  My friend took me to a workshop performance to seeView full post »

West Philly Hair Stylin’

Ricky Chan gave me the greatest haircut of my life.  It was also my last haircut and the only one I’ve gottenView full post »

Tiffany’s Golden Glamour Portraits

She sat a few rows over in our AP English Composition class junior year of high school.  And every now and then sheView full post »

Philly Portrait Walk With Will

Photographing men seems intimidating to me.  Ladies often like to dress up and channel their inner diva in front of theView full post »

Feeney’s Fall Fashion

Maybe I should check what time the sun sets, I thought.  Feeney and I had spent about an hour cooing over her cat,View full post »

Fabulous Feeney

You’ve missed me.  Go ahead and say it.  I haven’t fled the country and I haven’t dropped my cameraView full post »

Portrait Photography – Tiffany

The day after Thanksgiving, when everyone else was out pepper-spraying each other for cheap television sets, Tiffany andView full post »

Band Portrait Photography – The Externals

Meet The Externals!  This acoustic duo needed some new promo shots, and I was happy to oblige on a deliciously warm andView full post »