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Foodie Friday – Rue 52

The whole city is my oyster, but if I had my way I’d never leave my West Philly bubble.  I come from the land ofView full post »

philadelphia portrait photographer kitchen

In Katie’s Kitchen

This story starts with a crepe date, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is a great way to start a story.  Or aView full post »

Breakfast Cookies All Day

Did I just say “breakfast cookies”?  Why yes, yes I did.  Two words that sound so glorious together.  TwoView full post »

Food Photography – Koch’s Deli

My quest for encyclopedic Philly takeout knowledge continues.  And I am one step closer now that I have fullyView full post »

I Made – Chocolate Cakes

“One of the best things about being a grown-up is being able to eat cake whenever you wanna.”   I tweetedView full post »

Sneak Peak – Chocolate Cake

You’ll all forgive me for possible/alleged blog neglect if I post photos of chocolate cake this week, right?  CanView full post »

Restaurant Photography – El Zarape

You know that crazy intersection at Morris, 12th Street, and Passyunk Avenue where you’re never really sure if itView full post »

I Made – Thanksgiving 2011

I finally went through my Thanksgiving photos today, and I mentally ate each dish again from my computer chair.  TheView full post »

I Made – Brownies & Milk

After rigorous research and careful consideration, I have found the proper brownie-to-milk ratio.View full post »

I Made – The Mother of a Monstrously Huge Salad

Guess who’s going to be eating salad all week!  I’ve had an over-abundance of vegetables in my fridgeView full post »

Restaurant Photography – Rosario’s Mexican Pizzeria

Were there less Mexican restaurants when I lived in South Philly in 2005-2006 or was I just too broke/busy/oblivious toView full post »

I Made – Sausage & Kale Omelette

Cooking for one is a challenge for me.  I think one of the true joys of cooking lies in putting love and attention intoView full post »

Manakeesh Cafe and Bakery

Sometimes I’m ashamed at how long it takes me to get into new restaurants in the neighborhood.  But hey, times isView full post »

Food Photography – The Bike Shop Bagel

Sometimes it seems like I’m the only person who freelances and doesn’t have a nasty coffee habit and aView full post »

Rio Cobre Jamaican Restaurant

I know I’m in a great restaurant when I can smell the food before it arrives in front of me and my mouth continuesView full post »